Case Studies

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

The Challenge

As this transportation company was growing the manual processing of business documents has become inefficient, labour intensive and costly.

Furthermore, critical human errors would result in revenue loss and unhappy customers.

    Our Response

    eBase started with process discovery by interviewing various teams and documenting (mapping out) how a particular process is performed.

    Through these discussions and interviews with the people directly involved, eBase defined the end-to-end steps of a process across teams, departments, divisions, etc. During this collaboration, eBase defined key metrics (volumes, costs and other measurements) that can help determine if making automation investments would result in a strong business case for the client.

    The Results

    eBase presented a strong business case to consider outsourcing and partnering with their Cloud B2B Managed Services to address the client’s pain points associated with manual processing of business documents.

    Benefits Included the following:

    1. Faster and more efficient transaction flow
    2. Improved data accuracy
    3. Receive shipment tracking information in real time
    4. 24/7 transaction processing
    5. Significant reduction of paper documents
    6. Less time entering data, more time running your business

    The client accepted the recommendation and awarded eBase with a multiyear contract to provide Cloud B2B Managed Services.