Case Studies

Industry: Pharmaceutical

The Challenge

When one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world acquired another business, the integration of the two IT systems immediately started impacting cash-flow and threatened to break the terms of crucial service level agreements (SLA’s).

Almost overnight, this integration resulted in a tangled IT supply chain that wasn’t performing efficiently: when customers placed orders to be fulfilled, the Pharma Co., couldn’t always see the order, process the orders in the committed timeframe, or fulfill the orders.

With high-valued, large-volume customers like Wal-Mart and Loblaw, this issue was not only impacting cash flow but potentially the relationships connected to tens-of-millions of dollars in sales.

Our Response

eBase received a call outlining the situation and asking for help on a Friday night. By 8:00am the very next Monday, we were on-site and ready to work.

We started with an initial assessment, identifying the real financial impact (which was growing larger every day), the technology elements of the problem as well as their business requirements. For example, uncovering and highlighting the penalties that could be incurred if the terms of the SLA’s weren’t met.

After working with the company’s IT team, we delivered our first draft assessment with proposed next steps within two weeks. Focused on their EDI/B2Bplatform, our team of five set out to work our plan and get this supply chain performing again.

The Results

After two months of working in priority sequence — bringing largest volume customers online first — eBase delivered 100% issue resolution and improved efficiencies of their supply chain which resulted in (among other benefits), their SLA standards being exceeded.

This project was the first of many high visibility projects that eBase has been asked to deliver for this company and we continue to (proudly) be a part of their IT partner network.